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Over 40 years of combined legal experience.

After working with hundreds of clients on countless different types of cases, we’ve come to understand that every client’s needs are diverse and dynamic. Our firm is constantly developing, learning, and adapting to meet today’s complex legal challenges, as well as your unique needs.

Immigration Law

Deportation sometimes requires federal court litigation. Speak to us today.

Personal Injury Law

A personal injury lawsuit is when one private individual or entity sues another private person.


Family Law

Family law is the practice of handling family relationships, matters, and disputes.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is the area of law focused on defending those who are arrested and accused of committing a misdemeanor.

Business Law

Sometimes known as commercial law, business law deals with all matters relating to the operations of a business.

Here’s How We Help

Innovative Solutions

Whether it’s a personal injury, a criminal charge, a divorce, a contractual dispute, or an immigration problem, we strive to create innovative solutions for all your legal matters. With knowledge, compassion, and expertise, our goal is to resolve disputes, negotiate fair and just settlements, and open new doors of opportunity.

Strategic and Timely Advice

Our team of lawyers and paralegals develop and implement effective legal strategies in a timely matter. We listen to your needs and concerns, discuss your personal and business goals, and provide supportive and honest advice to help get you where you need to be.

Full-Service Flexibility

Because we are a full-service firm, we can approach your legal matter with a full understanding of how it effects the other aspects of your life. Our solutions and advice are flexible because we look at your situation from every possible angle with skill and creativity.



We are a professional Dallas-based law firm specializing in immigration, personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and business law.

Our clients, found throughout Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, tell us repeatedly that we provide a higher level of service, responsiveness, attention to detail and legal expertise than they have ever experienced at other firms!

We pride ourselves on our client-centered service. Our experienced lawyers work for you as a dedicated team, focusing on your unique and individual needs with a passion only surpassed by our willingness to succeed for you.

"Comprehensive, Distinctive and Innovative Solutions for All Your Legal Needs"

Your legal needs will be met by our dedicated, experienced, and expert team of legal professionals!

Our goal is to provide every individual, family, and business client with an unparalleled experience that is driven by the fuel of exceptional legal service, true ingenuity, and sheer determination.

No matter what your situation, we’ll take care of the entire legal burden for you, leaving you with none of the hassle.


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Attorney Hussein is very knowledgeable, honest and down to earth. I met him two months ago with questions about my case. He had answer to every question I had and he even told me I didn’t need to hire a lawyer because USCIS had only requested few additional items that I was able to supply to them. I went ahead and submitted the evidence and few weeks later my case was approved. I really recommend this law firm for anyone with immigration case. They really strive for your success.


Very professional lawyer , and staffs.

Excellent service.

I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good immigration service.

Ridha Bahroun

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Hiighly recommended.

Alabere Monsur

Mr, Husein is good immigration lawyer, he’s work on my case, and I am happy whit he’s service, and Mis Zaineb she is the best!!! He’s employed!!!

Alma Kurgas6gccn

Honest, reliable and you can depend on everyone in this office. Thank you for everything you have done with us.

Ali Al Taher

They are wonderful people.

Thank you from my heart for your hard work and for treating you with a very attorney, smart and intelligent, and we wish God as a cliché that will become my way in the future. I sure will go to Professor Abdelhadi,

Also Miss, Zainab, she’s an awesome lady. She was so nice to the clients.

Thank you for everything you’ve done.


I used these guys for a divorce attorney and to help with my child custody case. Their fees were reasonable and fare.

Neil Weaver

Thanks to Mr. Husein i got my 10 year green card.

Mr. Husein helped me a lot with my immigration needs. I really appreciate his time and effort. In the future i ll hire him again for all my personal law needs. Thanks for everything you did for me.

Sapko Hodzic

Very good lawyer and staff , They respond immediately and talk kindly with you , and If you need any question in the law, especially immigration issues, they will answer and help you .

Bayan Taha

We are highly satisfied with the legal service we received from this law firm. Awesome customer service. Everyone in the office is quite professional & friendly. Mr. Abdelhadi helped me to get my green card in a very short time period. He is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this law firm for everyone who needs an assistant with immigration.

Zehra Faisal

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