Our Practice Areas

Many immigration law firms seem to expect their clients to work for them. Often law firm expects the client to fill out their own paperwork and documentation. Following the initial consultation, the client may have little or no content with their lawyer.

At Abdelhadi & Associates, PC, we provide a very hands-on approach when it comes to immigration matters. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your case processes properly and as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers will help you draft your paperwork with a careful eye for what the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) needs to see to approve your application.

Portfolio of Legal Services and Expertise Include

There are rules and regulations to filing appeals in court. Hire qualified lawyers.
Immigration Court
Deportation and Removal Defense sometimes requires federal court litigation. Speak to us today.
Family-Based Immigration
Each case is as unique as the other. We can help you with the legal proceedings.
Political Asylum
Applicable to people who have fear they will suffer persecution in their home country.
Removal And Deportation Proceedings
If you, a family member or employee is facing deportation, a immigration lawyer can help.
A visa allows foreign nationals to enter a country for a time. We can help you get one.
A Bonds case gone wrong, could have severe immigration implications. Let us help.
Family Sponsored Visas
Talk to one of our immigration lawyers if you need help with a family sponsored visa.
Finance and Spousal Visas
Do you have a fiancée or a new wife who’s been ruled inadmissible to the U.S.? Get help.
Conditional Green Cards
Seeking a conditional green card can be a complicated process. Our lawyers can help.
Employment, Business and Investment Based Immigration
For those considering starting a business, an employment or beginning an investment.

Our Vision and Philosophy

Abdelhadi and Associates, PC, Immigration Law is committed to building long-term professional relationships, providing exceptional service to our clients and developing an innovative approach to family, personal and business immigrationlaw that includes the highest standards for technology, systems and processes.

Our Values

Our clients are our priority and we work hard to ensure that we can exceed their expectations. This commitment to excellence is part of everything we do.

Through collaboration, open and regular communication, we are responsive to our clients, respectful to one another and committed to creating a positive workplace where successes are celebrated as a team.

Our passion for all facets of immigration law enables us to find innovative, proactive solutions for various challenges that may arise throughout the immigration process.