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"All-Encompassing, Distinct, Unique and Revolutionary Solutions for All Your Immigration Needs"

We provide every single one of our clients an unparalleled experience that is driven by the fuel of exceptional legal service and the resilience to get you the best results that align with your desired needs.

Our experience in immigration law, passion for ingenuity and dedication to the needs of our traditional, commercial and corporate clients – enables us to work for your best interests with sheer grit, focus and tenacity.

With a highly specialized, experienced and expert team of legal professionals, we take care of the entire burden for you and leave you with none of the hassle!


Abdelhadi & Associates, P.C.

With over 20 years of rich industry-centric and client-focused experience in the Dallas Fort-Worth region as well as throughout the state of Texas, we continue to set a market benchmark in providing our clients with tangible results that consistently exceed expectations..

Our lawyers speak English, Spanish and Arabic.

We provide expertise in all areas of immigration law ranging from corporate immigration to personal and family immigration matters - with unique personalization and custom attention to your particular case.

As your immigration lawyers and paralegals, we provide you with timely and strategic advice relating to the constantly changing immigration laws and regulations.

Here’s How We Help:

Crossing Border

We strive in opening doors to new opportunities. Whether our clients are moving for education, work or personal endeavours, they are all seeking to ensure a smooth immigration process to the US. And we dedicate ourselves to make sure it’s as easy and hassle-free as can be – for you and your family!

Immigration Expertise

Our innovative legal practice combines professional knowledge, personal attention, and supportive advice. With knowledge and expertise, we navigate complex US immigration rules and regulations to solve problems and remove obstacles, before and after you get to the border.

Strategic and Timely Advice

Our team of lawyers and paralegals develop and implement immigration strategies, provides advice on immigration matters related to employee mobility or relocation, and assist you with any and all immigration related obstacles or blockades you are facing in any capacity.