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Below are our latest blogs and resources to keep you in the loop of the immigration law industry trends, news and more!

Garland overturns two Trump-era rules that made it hard for immigrants to win asylum

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Merrick Garland vacated two Trump-era immigration orders Wednesday that had made it difficult for many immigrants entering the U.S. to win their asylum cases. Garland said
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5 REAL WAYS DALLAS IMMIGRANTS CAN STOP DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS AND STAY IN THE U.S. LEGALLY If you received a ‘Notice to Appear’ in Immigration Court, or were given an Immigration
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THE U-VISA: PROTECTION FROM DEPORTATION FOR VICTIMS Much too often, we hear about an undocumented victim who suffered from domestic or other abuse but never reported it to the authorities
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THE CURRENT STATE OF DACA & WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU! For those of you affected by DACA, times are tense and uncertain. There is a lot of confusion surrounding
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