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Criminal Defense
Criminal defense is the area of law focused on defending those who are arrested and accused of committing a misdemeanor or felony.
Business Law
Sometimes known as commercial law, business law deals with all matters relating to the operations of a business.
Family Law
Family law is the practice of handling family relationships, matters, and disputes.
Personal Injury Law
A personal injury lawsuit is when one private individual or entity sues another private person or entity for wrongdoing or harm.
Immigration Law
Deportation and Removal Defense sometimes requires federal court litigation. Speak to us today.
Political Asylum
Applicable to people who have fear they will suffer persecution in their home country.
Removal And Deportation Proceedings
If you, a family member or employee is facing deportation, a immigration lawyer can help.
Conditional Green Cards
Seeking a conditional green card can be a complicated process. Our lawyers can help.
Finance and Spousal Visas
Do you have a fiancée or a new wife who’s been ruled inadmissible to the U.S.? Get help.
Family Sponsored Visas
Talk to one of our immigration lawyers if you need help with a family sponsored visa.