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About Dallas Texas Immigration

Who We Are

We are a professional Dallas based law firm that specializes in all areas and facets of Immigration Law.

Our clients throughout Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area tell us repeatedly that we provide a higher level of service, responsiveness, attention to detail and immigration expertise than they have ever experienced elsewhere, at any time, in any way!

We pride ourselves on our client-focused service. Our experienced lawyers work for you as a dedicated team, focusing in your unique and individual needs with a passion only surpassed by our willingness to succeed for you.

What we do

Practice Area

There are rules and regulations to filing appeals in court. Hire qualified lawyers.
A Bonds case gone wrong, could have severe immigration implications. Let us help.
Business Law
Sometimes known as commercial law, business law deals with all matters relating to the operations of a business.
Conditional Green Cards
Seeking a conditional green card can be a complicated process. Our lawyers can help.
Criminal Defense
Criminal defense is the area of law focused on defending those who are arrested and accused of committing a misdemeanor or felony.
Employment, Business and Investment Based Immigration
For those considering starting a business, an employment or beginning an investment.
Family Law
Family law is the practice of handling family relationships, matters, and disputes.
Family Sponsored Visas
Talk to one of our immigration lawyers if you need help with a family sponsored visa.
Family-Based Immigration
Each case is as unique as the other. We can help you with the legal proceedings.
Finance and Spousal Visas
Do you have a fiancée or a new wife who’s been ruled inadmissible to the U.S.? Get help.
Immigration Law
Deportation and Removal Defense sometimes requires federal court litigation. Speak to us today.
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